Released in September 2019: Provides persistent video surveillance at the tactical edge. Networked to allow for local Wi-Fi connections or Wi-Fi disabled to provide video through a closed network or encrypted tactical radio connection. CheckPoints™ will give users a “Live Video on Request” when motion alerts are triggered via applications. System allows Mobile, Tactical & Command Post to stream (2) video over networks.

CheckPoints™ are low-voltage capability designed for extended operations. The system provides automatic network routing for rapid deployment and ease of use over physical networks or tactical MESH network radios. There is no configuration required but can be adapted to any mission by using the provided Android based Stand-Alone Application.

CheckPoints ™ applications are integrated into the USMC MAGTF Common handheld enterprise suite of tools (APASS, KILLSWITCH, MCH) as well as the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK).