Sense First, See First, Shoot First

Aries Defense started in 2017.  Our mission is to proliferate video and information (not data) at the tactical edge so informed decisions can be made in real time.

Our man portable and vehicle mounted surveillance and situational awareness systems provide an unmatched force multipler advantage.



The first product was the Tactical Network Trainer 01 Alpha.  Warfighters have to bring everything thing they need with them including their information and network.

The solution was built from the ground up starting with the main concerns for a warfighter; Weight and Power.

With those constraints in mind we started with the humble five volt Raspberry Pi board.




Since then the product line has matured into the Tactical Network Transfer 02 Bravo.  It is still five volts but operates on our Propritary Aries Defense board and is run by our Propritary linux based Aries operating system.