Recon® V OverWatch – R5O™

The Recon® V OverWatch™ Kit (R5O™) is a highly customized and fully integrated OverWatch™ system paired with a Teledyne FLIR Recon® V thermal binocular.  This system provides long-range detection, identification, and alerting capability.  The system can be backpacked or stationary placed in various configurations providing optimal coverage and situational awareness.  The system is Radio/Comms agnostic and fully Integrated with TAK and MCH, the R5O™ kit is next generation reconnaissance and surveillance technology giving standoff and advantage to the warfighter at the tactical edge.


Integrated Camera Optics
Plug-n-play OverWatch DogBone

Tactical MANET Radio Compatible
Aries is radio agnostic and can interface with all the major MANET radios available on the market today.

Satcom, LTE, Wi-Fi, Laser Data Radio Compatible
In addition to interfacing with radios all Aries DogBones are compatible with many other data networks.

TAK Enabled
TAK Apps provide turnkey system giving the operator instant access to the camera in a user-friendly, field proven, alerting system that is tablet and mobile device viewable.  This distributes the video to any user on the network. WinTAK, MCH, APASS and other standalone apps.

Low SWaP-C
Very small size and weight with very low power requirements at 5 volts.

Compact and Light-weight ruggedized multi-sensor thermal optic designed for 24/7 day and night field operations.  Built-in stabilization, digital magnetic compass, GPS, and laser rangefinder provide accurate range-to-target.

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to avoid detection.


Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Active streaming, recording and snapshot capabilities.
Persistent surveillance.
Small form factor for easy concealment.
Change Detection and automatic alerting.

FOB Perimeter Security

Asset Monitoring

Force Protection

Change Detection and Alerting

Situational Awareness


Enclosure Dimensions: 3.52” x 4.2” x 1.3”

Power Requirement: 5 volts at 3 amps

Enclosure Weight: 302 grams

Network: Ethernet NATO STANAG (Glenair)   

Power: Glenair

Video Input: USB NATO STANAG (Glenair)

H.264, MJPEG, AVC, Analog (w/ Aries Peanut Cable)

OS: Linux Based Aries OS

Board: Aries Board

EMCON: No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth hardware or software

Output Video Stream:  MJPEG over HTTP via TCP

Video Quality:  Adjustable 1 – 99% compression

Video Framerate: Adjustable 1 – 20 FPS

Video Resolution: Adjustable up to 360 x 480

Full Remote Settings Customization

Alert Trigger Threshold: Adjustable 1 – 5000 pixels

IP Rating: 68

TRL: 9

Operating Temp: -40C to 105CYour Title Goes Here

Setup Guide

Hardware Slick Sheet

Software Slick Sheets