Tactical Network Transfer Kit – TNT-02B™

The Tactical Network Transfer Kit – TNT-02B™ is a mission planning, training and tactical transfer device that provides a secure IP network which enables communications and data processing when tactical networks are not available.  This system reduces the burden of radio availability and cryptographic requirements in the field, which allows you to connect Mobile, Tactical Command Post systems for mission planning, training, testing, mission rehearsal and system operational checks.

The TNT-02B is a portable low-voltage network that allows (4) tethered connections of computers, tablets, phones and other End User Devices (EUD’s).  The TNT-02B provides automatic network routing for plug and play connections and includes a 1TB Secure FTP Server for imagery, data management, file access and storage.


Secure Network
Plug-n-play with tactical computers, Tablets and EUD’s

Secure FTP Server
1-Tera Byte of secure storage for imagery, data management, file access.

Low power requirements
Includes a 10,000 mAh battery for 12 hours of standalone in the field use.

Small Field Portable
Exterior Pelican Case Dimensions 10.62”x 9.68” x 4.87”; Self-contained in its own pelican case.

TAK Enabled
TAK Apps provide turnkey system giving the operator instant access to the camera in a user-friendly, field proven, alerting system that is tablet and mobile device viewable.  This distributes the video to any user on the network. WinTAK, MCH, APASS and other standalone apps.

Low SWaP-C
Very small size and weight with very low power requirements at 5 volts.

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to avoid detection.


Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Allows for transfer of surveillance data through air gapped networks allowing teams to remain hidden.


Allows for training on a simulated radio network to allow for EMCON mission rehearsal.

Mission Planning

Allows for collaborative Mission planning across computers and tablets.

Imagery Storage and Management

Allows for storage and dissemination of imagery, maps, and data.


NSN 6940016797141

Enclosure Dimensions: 3.5” x 4.2” x 1.1”

Power Requirement: 5 volts at 2 amps

Enclosure Weight: 245 grams

Network: Ethernet Standard

Storage: 1 Terabyte

Power: Barrel Adapter

OS: Linux Based Aries OS

Board: Aries Board

EMCON: No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth hardware or software

IP Rating: Not Qualified

TRL: 9

Operating Temp: -40C to 105C

Full Remote Settings Customization

Setup Guide

Android App Guide

Hardware Slick Sheet

Software Slick Sheet